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roof cleaning Birmingham AL

Roof Cleaning Birmingham AL

An important aspect of any structure is the roof. It is among the most susceptible parts of an exterior. Continuous assault from natural elements like the rain, wind, and sun can leave your roof looking worn and old. Mildew and mold which also accumulate over time can destroy the protective layer of your roof.

Naturally, exposure to these natural elements constantly affects the quality and appearance of the roof. For instance, the harsh UV sun rays can break down shingle aggregates which play a big role in extending its lifespan.
Regular roof cleaning Birmingham AL and maintenance are vital to keeping the roof in ideal working condition. Professional roof cleaning ought to be done twice or thrice every year, preferably between spring and fall.

Cleaning the roof not only restores its appearance but also thoroughly blasts away all harmful substances that might damage its material. Moreover, cleaning is an essential step before you reapply a protective sealant to the roof. Contact ValorWorks Pressure Washing to learn more about our services.

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Tips For Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

Pressure roof cleaning in Birmingham AL needs to be done right for impressive results. If done incorrectly, pressure cleaning the roof can create plenty of mess, potentially damaging both the gutters and roof. Ultimately, it might even lead to serious injuries.

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Before jumping on the ladder and pressure washing your roof, consider these tips;

Manually clean the gutters to get rid of any loose debris such as leaves and branches before firing up a pressure washer. Failure to do this will clog the gutters with debris.

Contrary to what many people think, using a higher pressure setting risks damaging the roofing materials. In such a setting, you can risk breaking the roof shingles, gutter attachments, and denting the sheet metal among other roof fixings. Resist the urge to use higher pressure settings even for hard-to-reach and stubborn stains. Rather, move the machine’s nozzle close to the stain for maximum effect.

By working from the top down, you’ll be washing debris and dirt from above down over the sections that you’ve already cleaned. The water will run smoothly down from the roof away from your side.

Pressure cleaning, whether the roof or surfaces, brings with it plenty of splashes back. When the high-pressure water combines with debris, algae, and dirt, it can create such a nasty mess. Always take care when directing the pressure washing machine to avoid spraying your neighbor’s windows and walls which can create such a big mess.

roof cleaning Birmingham

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