Professional Soft Washing Birmingham AL

soft washing Birmingham AL

Soft Washing Birmingham AL

Unlike high-pressure washing, soft washing Birmingham AL utilizes a low-pressure washing technique coupled with a combination of water, surfactants, bleach, and algaecides to safely yet thoroughly clean exterior surfaces of algae, mildew, and organic stains.

Soft washing, although seems similar, utilizes different chemicals, pressure, equipment, and techniques to clean your surface. The soft washing technique is combined with a biodegradable disinfecting solution to eliminate moss, fungus, algae, bacteria, mildew, and mold from your surface.

Soft washing Birmingham AL is a great option for surfaces that are disreputably hard to get clean using a pressure washing machine. You can also consider this option if your surface can suffer from damage if you use high pressure. Such surfaces include wood paneling, screens, roof shingles, windows, etc.

Originally, soft washing was utilized for the sole purpose of cleaning or removing algae from roof shingles.

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Why You Should Consider Soft Washing Your Roof

Algae is highly common in roofs. Often, it leaves your roof with signature black streaks. The unsightly substance thrives in hot temperatures and humidity. It spreads out leaving a destructive effect on the roof. Once the roof is affected, it loses its ability to keep UV rays at bay, and ultimately, the shingles rot.

Soft washing is an effective way to remove the damaging algae without voiding the warranty and damaging the shingles. Experts like us ValorWorks Pressure Washing recommend low-pressure detergent or bleach-assisted washing as an efficient way of cleaning roofs to prevent shingles damage.

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soft washing Birmingham

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Soft Washing Process

The soft washing process entails several steps to achieve the best results. Primarily, you need to prepare the surrounding area. It is prudent to protect any grass or plants you have in the area you intend to clean.

Once you do that, you prepare the solution to use in your cleaning. For this purpose, you’ll need to mix a solution that you’ll apply to the affected area. The solution comprises cleaning surfactant, water, and bleach. While water and additives are important, your solution should have a high concentration of bleach since it is the main agent.
Once you have the solution ready, you need to put it into an agricultural sprayer then apply it to the intended area. Soft washing runs water via a hose and pumps with little pressurization.

A pump directs the cleaning solution mixture via the hose then the hose gets directed at the area being cleaned while the water mixture gets sprayed out.

The soft washing system comprises a higher concentration of cleaning solutions with a higher water volume versus pressure. Application is gentle with minimal pressure than what is released from your garden hose.
Once done, depending on a surface-like roof, the mixture of the solution remains on the surface to kill everything down right to the roots.

The main advantage of soft washing is that it cleans effectively without risking any form of damage or hurting the environment. The main drawback is that it is not efficient for some surfaces, especially those with stubborn stains. The low pressure is both a plus and a downside.